Saturday, September 11, 2010

Because you can; does not mean you should.

the firestorm over the 9/11 mosque has been interesting to watch.  It is yet another waypoint that demonstrates the upside down world we live in.  the furor started when opposition to announced plans to build a mosque / community center / weapons cache was going to be built 2 blocks away from the flattened world trade center.

Understandably there was a group of americans that protested and testified that this was an intolerable affront.  terror loving miscreants posing as patriotic preservers of rights made the argument that because they could do it, they should do it, and that is what makes this country great. Even though there was never any assertion that the muslims did not have the right to build their mosque, religious freedom and the right to build the mosque became the reason that the mosque should be built. this is a lot like the immigration debate where pro open border supporters argue that 'because you can't deport all the illegal immigrants, you should not attempt to enforce existing law's. Just like the mosque argument, it is a dumb one. Ask any of these dopes if that it stands to reason that because you can't catch all the rapists, why should we pursue them? If you can't arrest all the drunk drivers, then why should you peruse them?

Anyways, back to the mosque. I am opposed to the construction of the 9/11 mosque. I do not deny their right to build their mosque, I merely beg their empathy and understanding, and appeal to them that a mosque built on that location would be hugely offensive to many Americans.

Somehow the muslim world did not care of about any affront to 'non-believers'.

After America was admonished by it's own president for suggesting that a religion ought not to exercise a right it definitely has guaranteed to them, a little known pastor, thousands of miles away decided
 to exercise a right that was undisputedly his. Pastor Jones announced that he intended to exercise his right to free speech, and to ceremonially burn a Koran on the 9th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. 

Well, that got people's attention. Suddenly people were imploring him not to do this. It was too much of an affront to muslims to do this.  Suddenly the idea became that because you can do something, it may be the better part of valor not to do it. the President again got involved, and also called for this pastor to not exercise his right to burn a Koran, and now as of this morning, hundreds of death threats later, and after international demonstrations, he has declared he will not burn the Koran and that he never will.

Now that the politically correct crowd has taught everyone that religious symbolism can be an incitement to violence and that the threat of that violence justifies not exercising a right, will they apply that same logic to the building of mosque near ground zero?

Probably not without the threat of violence.

At least this year we were spared the 'day of service' crap, and it looks as though this year the Obama's will strike a pose of solemn remembrance.