Monday, November 1, 2010

The Tsunami is Here!

After the last of the primaries was over back in September, the Wall Street Journal wrote an excellent piece beautifully describing the mood of the country and I think accurately predicting the political massacre that will take place tomorrow.

The Tsunami Heads to Shore
The GOP casualties are over. Now the voter uprising is aiming right at the Democrats.

The pros tell us that 2010 will be a "wave" election, and if that's true then think of Republicans as passengers on a ship who have just watched the tsunami roll over them. A few were washed overboard on the port side, but the GOP is likely to suffer no more losses. Now the huge wave is roaring toward shore, heading directly for the Democrats who are running American government.
That they did not see it coming is all the evidence you need to know about how out of touch they are.
The real story of this election year is that the voters are massing to repudiate two years of the most liberal governance in two generations. It is Mr. Obama's agenda that has polarized the electorate and set off this voter backlash. Democratic candidates, incumbents or not, are admitting as much by fleeing from Mr. Obama, his priorities and even their own voting records.
What will the Ideologue-in-Chief do now?