Monday, May 23, 2011

Barack O'Bama and the Luck of the Irish!

How fitting it is that a place in Iresland called Moneygall claims President O'bama as their native son.

Obama Arrives in Ireland for Six-Day Trip to Europe
MONEYGALL, Ireland — President Obama may not be related to everybody in this postage-stamp Irish hamlet of 300, which claims him as its native son. But on Monday, Mr. Obama appeared determined to hug, kiss, shake hands or raise a glass with every last one of them.
He must have found a pot-o-gold at the end of a rainbow, because Ireland is stoked!
Moneygall’s association with Mr. Obama has transformed it into an instant tourist destination. Or, as Susan Wallace, a lifelong resident said optimistically, “The name might change to Money-all.”
Even if they don't get the tourist traffic they are hoping for they still might call it Money-all.

Obama Promises U.S. Support for Ireland’s Efforts on Economy After Bailout
President Barack Obama, on the first stop of a four-country European trip, pledged the U.S. will “do everything that we can to be helpful” to aid Ireland’s economic recovery.
This has lead many to speculate that O'bama is contemplating a U.S, Sponsored bailout for Ireland? Just like Egypt?

This guy is throwing money at countries like a drunken sailor! And then he's going to come back and read the riot sct to congress because they won't raise the debt ceiling. Apparently they have a problem borrowing money from the Chinese and then turning around and giving it to other countries.

Faith and Begorrah!

Friday, May 20, 2011

World Ends Tomorrow: So just in case.....

I am going to finish my best bottle of whiskey tonight.

Also, I pledge to get in one more round of golf. I'll need an 11:30 tee time just to be sure to have enough time to finish the round and have a few beers at the club house before 6pm rolls around.

My recommendation for movie viewing tonight is "The Seventh Sign".  You can stream it on NetFlix.

On Sunday, I expect to be replacing that really good bottle of whiskey, and maybe playing another round of golf.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey Santana! Shut Up and Play!

Long respected rock and toll oldie Carlos Santana has put aside his tiresome but distinctive sound for a new but even more tiresome tune.

Carlos Santana uses Phillies-Braves ceremony to criticize immigration law
Carlos Santana was given the Beaconof Change award before the Atlanta Braves' fifth annual Civil Rights Game on Sunday against the Philadelphia Phillies and he used the opportunity to criticize Arizona and Georgia for their new immigration laws.

Saying he represented immigrants, the Grammy winner said at Turner field, “The people of Arizona, and the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

On Friday, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill that requires many employers to check the immigration status of new hires and authorizes law enforcement officers to check the status of some suspects. The law, one of the toughest in the nation, is similar in some respects to one enacted last year in Arizona.

“This law is not correct. It's a cruel law, actually,” Santana, who emigrated to San Francisco in the 1960s, said after the ceremony. “This is about fear. Stop shucking and jiving. People are afraid we're going to steal your job. No, we aren't. You're not going to change sheets and clean toilets. ...

“This is the United States. This is the land of the free. If people want the immigration laws to keep passing, then everybody should get out and leave the American Indians here.”
 The notion that there should be no immigration laws and that any one should be able to come to this country any time and be able to pick and choose what laws they feel like following is absurd. No country on earth has such a policy. Santana, a Mexican immigrant himself, should look to reform his Motherland, and it's hypocritical position on immigration.

Viva la Crimmigrants!

Even in Europe, the open borders within the EU are retreating. They are relearning why there are good reasons to have a secure border.

Someone please tell Carlos that it has nothing to do with fear. It has nothing to do with racism. It has everything to do with the rule of law. If you don't like the law, well that's OK, you are free to set about getting it changed. It's a democracy here in the United States, and that's the way it works, but spare us your whiny holier-than-thou condescension and your preposterous notion that anyone can come here anytime they want without permission.

Illegal immigration posts

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there

Ocho de Mayo

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Headline: Osama Bin Laden Is Still Dead

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day! Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

Happy belated May Day.

What is usually a celebration of communist ideals will hopefully be replaced with a day remembered for nothing other than the death of Osama Bin Laden.

We rejoice at his demise. We now know that his life for the past ten years was to cower in a mansion that was his self imposed prison, in Pakistan, very close to a Pakistani military installation.

My only wish is that like with the death of Hitler, that this meant the end of the war. But, I fear not.

Homeland Security has elevated it's threat level/stance/guard or what ever the hell they are using these days, because of perceived possibilities of retaliation.

Fear not. The Al Qaeda animals would have already attacked us if they had the capabilities. They have never held back. When they have the chance, they take their shot. Any cries of reprisal from Bin Laden's followers means nothing.

Maybe the people that brought you the shoe bomb, and then the underwear bomb are now working on the turban bomb or brazier bomb, but you should not fret as they will fail in the same laughable way.

Screw you Bin Laden!

Your burial at sea befits your subhuman existence. You belong at the bottom of the sea. May the fish and the crustaceans rip the flesh from your bones, and may eels and snails use your skull as their new homes.

God Bless Seal Team Six!

Topics for another day: Obama sanctions state sponsored assassinations? The seal team went in with orders to kill. Unlike Bush who said he wanted Osama dead or alive, Obama clearly wanted him dead. Don't get me wrong, I do not criticize that decision. It just seems to me that some one with his ideology would never sign up for state sponsored assassination. Perhaps it was the thought of the nightmare that bringing Osama to the what should be closed Guantanamo prison would bring that made the president say "screw it, just kill him!".