Monday, May 23, 2011

Barack O'Bama and the Luck of the Irish!

How fitting it is that a place in Iresland called Moneygall claims President O'bama as their native son.

Obama Arrives in Ireland for Six-Day Trip to Europe
MONEYGALL, Ireland — President Obama may not be related to everybody in this postage-stamp Irish hamlet of 300, which claims him as its native son. But on Monday, Mr. Obama appeared determined to hug, kiss, shake hands or raise a glass with every last one of them.
He must have found a pot-o-gold at the end of a rainbow, because Ireland is stoked!
Moneygall’s association with Mr. Obama has transformed it into an instant tourist destination. Or, as Susan Wallace, a lifelong resident said optimistically, “The name might change to Money-all.”
Even if they don't get the tourist traffic they are hoping for they still might call it Money-all.

Obama Promises U.S. Support for Ireland’s Efforts on Economy After Bailout
President Barack Obama, on the first stop of a four-country European trip, pledged the U.S. will “do everything that we can to be helpful” to aid Ireland’s economic recovery.
This has lead many to speculate that O'bama is contemplating a U.S, Sponsored bailout for Ireland? Just like Egypt?

This guy is throwing money at countries like a drunken sailor! And then he's going to come back and read the riot sct to congress because they won't raise the debt ceiling. Apparently they have a problem borrowing money from the Chinese and then turning around and giving it to other countries.

Faith and Begorrah!
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