Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Happening.............

Atlas is about to shrug.

Right, Wing-Nut!: Geithner, Starring as "Atlas Shrugged" Villain Wesley Mouch

Right before your very eyes!

It's him! Wesley Mouch! Totally!

Mr. Thompson must be very proud!

Swine Fools

Here we go again.........

Another crisis that the Obama administration won't be able to "let go to waste".

I can hear the calls for intergalactic health care now.

"If only America had done the right thing. If we had done our share, Then small children and elderly pensioners in Mexico would have received the care they needed, and the world would not be loosing its blood and treasure to this threat to mankind".
It will go unreported by the mainstream media that the 1976 swine flu scare resulted in one death, and that the resulting hysteria sparked a government effort to immunize all 220 million citizens. The effort was halted after about 40 million were immunized because roughly 500 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome and 25 deaths were identified as being the result of immunization. A debacle.

And so another tremendous opportunity to 'do what before could not have been done' will prevail. The US Treasury will be depleted, but drug companies and friends of government will make their fortunes.

That being said, please continue to wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Thank you.

Friday, April 24, 2009

This is a Pirate Policy???

This mealy mouthed answer to a press question about actions we will take to combat piracy is a disgrace. It clearly expresses that we really don't have any idea what to do. Said another way "C'mon ye hardies! Strike now!"

The right answer would have been:

"We don't know how to resolve this issue for the world at large, but the pirates should be put on notice. The taking of non US flagged vessels may yield them rewards, however when US Flagged vessels are taken by pirates, they will be dealt with by all the force the US Navy can bring to bear"

More embarrasing was her recount of American History and the pirates of the barbary coast. I am not sure what she found so funny. Was she trying to recall that 'shores of Tripoli' reference? But alas she could only come up with "ya know, we dealt with them all those years ago off of Moracco". Another lost opportunity to send a message of strength to the pirates. A right answer might have said:

"It is not lost on the American people that the ship sent to deal with the pirates, the USS Bainbridge, is named after the Commander of the USS Philadelphia who was taken by pirates near the bay at Tripoli. He and what was left of his crew were eventually rescued by Marines who bravely marched towards Tripoli, rescued the Commander and crew and essentially solved the pirate problem for the next 200 years."

But I am pretty sure she does not even know that story. Bainbridge? That sounds familiar? To the shores of Tripoli? That sounds familiar?

Janeane Gorafalo derides the Tea Partier's because they don't know their history. But a historically ignorant secretary of state? I'm sure she doesn't see a problem.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Audacity of Dopes

It was the Perez "Dumb Bitch" and the AC360 and Janeane Gorafalo "Tea Bagging" comments that prompted me to start blogging.

Michelle Malkin has summed it up perfectly.

$%^&*!!: Civility and tolerance in the Age of Obama

More Hate Speech

Why is Janeane Gorafalo calling me a scrotum sucking labor organizer who does not know history and hates black people. WTF? I mean really!?!?!

Is she coming out of the closet and declaring her homophobic disdain for free speech? The vitriol dripping from her accusations of "Tea Bagging" screams hatred! I don't know history?!?!? Somebody tell Janeane that the term "redneck" comes from labor thugs who violently went after management. They wore red handkerchiefs so they would not mistakenly club each other to death during their attacks.

I was at the Tax Day Tea Party in Boston. I know all about American history, especially the revolutionary war. I don't know why she assumes that no one there knew the history behind the original tea party (maybe she had the tea parties confused with 'day without an illegal alien' protests)? But even if she was right and people did not know the story behind the original tea party when they arrived they did when they left because the story was retold in a 45 minute speech by a guy in a tri-corner hat.

I'm a racist??? First, she assumes that everyone there was white only (wrong!). Coming to a conclusion or making an assumption based on the color of someones skin is the very definition of racism. So isn't declaring that a presumed crowd of whites only expressing opposition to an ideology led by a black leader a bunch or racists, isn't that an act of racism in and of itself?

I hope Janeane and her com padres keep up the "We won, sit down, shut the fuck up, and keep forking over your dollars" campaign. Democrats did not win, Republicans lost. They lost because of their fiscal irresponsibility. And now Obama is making the Bush administration look like spin thrifts.

Jeneane, your little rant demonstrates that you are a labia licking homophobic hypocrite who loves violent unions and has no problem making shit up just so you can justify your venomous hatred of people who don't think exactly like you do; Straight up!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perez Hilton Head

Is the term "Dumb Bitch" hate speech? It impunes the targets intelligence and points out their gender in a derogatory way.

If Perez Hilton can call Miss CA a Dumb Bitch is it ok to call Perez a "Stupid Fag"? It merely impunes his intelligence and points out his sexual preference in a derogatory way.

PC speak is so tricky, so relative, and so subjective.

This blog is dedicated to freedom; doing anything you want as long as you don't hurt other people.

I'm not sure feelings count though.