Friday, April 24, 2009

This is a Pirate Policy???

This mealy mouthed answer to a press question about actions we will take to combat piracy is a disgrace. It clearly expresses that we really don't have any idea what to do. Said another way "C'mon ye hardies! Strike now!"

The right answer would have been:

"We don't know how to resolve this issue for the world at large, but the pirates should be put on notice. The taking of non US flagged vessels may yield them rewards, however when US Flagged vessels are taken by pirates, they will be dealt with by all the force the US Navy can bring to bear"

More embarrasing was her recount of American History and the pirates of the barbary coast. I am not sure what she found so funny. Was she trying to recall that 'shores of Tripoli' reference? But alas she could only come up with "ya know, we dealt with them all those years ago off of Moracco". Another lost opportunity to send a message of strength to the pirates. A right answer might have said:

"It is not lost on the American people that the ship sent to deal with the pirates, the USS Bainbridge, is named after the Commander of the USS Philadelphia who was taken by pirates near the bay at Tripoli. He and what was left of his crew were eventually rescued by Marines who bravely marched towards Tripoli, rescued the Commander and crew and essentially solved the pirate problem for the next 200 years."

But I am pretty sure she does not even know that story. Bainbridge? That sounds familiar? To the shores of Tripoli? That sounds familiar?

Janeane Gorafalo derides the Tea Partier's because they don't know their history. But a historically ignorant secretary of state? I'm sure she doesn't see a problem.
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