Monday, December 22, 2014

NYPD: Sympathy for the Bedevilled.

When every cop is a criminal
and all the sinners saints

When heads is tales just call me.......
- Jagger/Richards

So for those keeping score at home, Al Sharpton's incitement to riot campaign has netted 2 dead NYPD patrolmen.  Rev. Al, world famous racial arsonist, has been ginning up the black voter base with accusations of racist police running amok, when race had nothing to do with the deaths of two black men at the hands of the police.

Remember when the Tea Party was the scary violent political group?

I do. It all started when lefty loon Jared Loughner tried to assassinate Rep. Gabriel Giffords, and killed six other people (Jared Loughner is a Lefty Loon).The media and the left tried blaming the whole thing on Sarah Palin and her violent rhetoric. She was using words like 'target', and using cross hairs on a map to identify political races to focus on. And it was that type of imagery that was the dog whistle that drove Jared Laughner to commit his heinous act. All bull crap!

But fast forward to today, and we have angry demonstrators who only come out at night and chant things like
What do we want?
When do we want them?

That's not scary, now is it?

So when the violent rhetoric in the Al Sharpton "Police are racist" movement actually resulted in two deaths the media immediately identified the danger of rhetorical violence in protests and protesters. What? Oh? No. They did not. In fact, the story has very quickly moved to how it MUST be something else, and not directly attributable to chants wishing for dead cops.

New York Officers’ Killer, Adrift and Ill, Had a Plan- NYT
What exactly pushed Mr. Brinsley to fatally shoot two police officers before shooting himself is not clear.
Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!
Mr. Brinsley had also suffered from mental problems. Relatives told the police he had taken medication at one point, and when he was asked during an August 2011 court hearing if he had ever been a patient in a mental institution or under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist, he said yes. He had also tried to hang himself a year ago, the police said.
So you are getting the drift, right?

When a democratic Representative of Congress is violently attacked  it is OK to blame her political opponents and paint them all as violent and dangerous even though there is no connection whatsoever. But when a black man kills two cops and directly attributes his actions to the AL Sharpton  movement, we can't paint all those people who are actually chanting for dead cops as violent.


To this day the presumption of a violent tea party exists among the left, and the "I get my news from Jon Stewart" crowd. In fact there is an active facebook page addressing the problem.

People Against Tea Party Threats and Violence

Although you won't find any threats or violence attributed to the Tea Party. Just general GOP bashing, and name calling.

A post for another day should probably analyze the Al Sharpton Lone Wolf propensity for violence versus an ISIS Lone Wolf.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Imperial President Obama Grants Amnesty by Diktat.

Tonight the Dictator-in-Chief declared that he will sign an executive order to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants.

In his speech tonight he went out of his way to say that his actions were NOT amnesty. If you believe that then you probably believed that 'if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor'.

This Obama drama isn't just a tantrum about the recent elections, it's also a cynical political play. The president has had six years to pretend to care about this issue. He didn't pull the pin on this grenade in 2012 because he wanted to get re-elected. He didn't pull the pin on this grenade in 2014 because the democrats trying to get re-elected would have stabbed Caesar on the steps of the White House. This is the same 'shove it down your throat' tactic he had to use when Massachusetts sent Senator Scott Brown to Washington in order to stop Obamacare. Once again the electorate has sent a message to the dictator, this time in overwhelming numbers, and he does not care. He knows better. Apparently elections only have consequences if you agree with him.

Obama: 'I hear you' - CNN

"To those of you who voted, I hear you," Obama said in his first public remarks since the election. To those who didn't vote, "I hear you too."
Elections don't count. He knows better.

It's also cynical because it is a naked attempt to to incite the Republicans into a rabid rage. Which is strategically smart. That could just work. It would not be the first time he tricked Republicans into taking action that is just not well received by the electorate at large. When Republicans threatened to shut down the government, and then did (to no consequence at all), unless he gave waivers for Obamacare penalties to individuals and small businesses, like he had done for friendly unions and large corporations, he called their bluff. Scored his political points, and then cynically granted the waiver by executive order, out of the sight of the complacent main stream media. The government only shut down because that is what he wanted, for political reasons.

And finally, it's mostly cynical because he has introduced 5 million undocumented democratic voters into the electorate well in time for the 2016 elections. That's the real play here. Get a green card, you get a drivers license. Get a drivers license, you get to vote.

Zeig Heil!

I won't even go into all the video where Obama is telling the Latino voters in 2012 that he didn't have the authority to just grant amnesty by executive order, because he didn't have the legal authority. We have all seen it, and we know his declarations tonight have no legal standing, just as he understands. But who cares!

Maybe Jon Gruber was right?

Jon Stewart takes on Jon Gruber, calls Democrats ‘slimy’
Mr. Gruber, an MIT economist who was paid almost $400,000 to help shape Obamacare, said during an October 2013 appearance at the University of Pennsylvania that the “lack of transparency” and “stupidity of the American voter” were politically advantageous in getting the law passed.
He who does not learn from history is condemned to repeat it.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Bound for the Door

Just another song parody.

Basically the Dems don't get the message that the electorate has sent them. They didn't get it in 2010, and they really don't get it now.

Didn't somebody once say that elections have consequences? huh..........

Sung to the tune "Bound for the Floor" by the band 'Local H'

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Boots on the ground, as predicted.

Yet another example of this presidents tin ear, and inability to correctly form strategic foreign policy that is in the best interest of the United States. It is truly amazing that 6 years into his presidency he is still a neophyte and is still the naive newbie on the world stage. One would have thought that 6 years of on the job training would have taught him something, but I guess not. Some people never learn. It was inevitable that the U.S. would be called upon to fight ISIS. And, as reported here (I'm Back! and in other news... There will be boots on the ground!). There will be boots on the ground.

Obama to Send 1,500 More Troops to Assist Iraq 

President Obama has authorized the deployment of an additional 1,500 American troops to Iraq in the coming months, doubling the number of Americans meant to train and advise Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

The trainers and advisers are to help Iraqis and Kurds as they plan a major offensive expected next spring against Islamic State fighters who have poured into Iraq from Syria.

Pentagon officials said Friday that military advisers would establish training sites across Iraq in a significant expansion of the American military campaign in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State. A Defense Department official said that a number of military personnel would deploy specifically to Anbar Province, the Sunni stronghold in western Iraq
And as my sources say, they DO plan to be shot at. Whether they make incursions into Syria from Iraq, or just plan to raise holy hell on the Iraq side of the border in order to draw resources away from the Turkish border remains unanswered at this time.

What hasn't been queried yet is the Putin factor. How will Vlad react to U.S. forces making incursions into Syria? If that is seen as an additional threat to his friend Assad, what will the reaction be? Russia is already increasing the pressure in eastern Ukraine, and stepping up provocative air activity in western Europe.

NATO Tracks Large-Scale Russia Air Activity in Europe - WSJ
Russian military aircraft conducted aerial maneuvers around Europe this week on a scale seldom seen since the end of the Cold War, prompting NATO jets to scramble in another sign of how raw East-West relations have grown.
Ukraine accuses Russia of sending dozens of tanks into its territory - CNN
Amid rising tensions and fresh violence, Ukrainian authorities on Friday accused Russia of sending dozens of its military vehicles into its territory -- though the Kremlin have knocked down such reports as unfounded and "provocative." 
And what is Turkey's reaction if the U.S. is only seen to be helping the Kurds at the Turkish border and not pushing on the Assad regime?

It's complicated, I know. But now is not the time for indecision or inaction. Is our President up to the task?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm Back! and in other news... There will be boots on the ground!

After a long but needed sabbatical I'm back to blog about our upside down world. Back to compare and contrast historical events with current events. Back to connect the dots between logic and the crazy upside down propaganda that is constantly spewed by the politicians and aided by state run media.

News Flash.....

There will be boots on the ground

I spoke with a Military mom yesterday. Her son is being deployed to Iraq to fight ISIS in 4 to 8 weeks. Despite what the liar in chief says everyday, and what the media doesn't question, there will be a deployment of  U.S. army regulars to combat ISIS.

I have no details as to the official mission, whether they will be called advisers, or if they will be called a security detail, but they do expect to be shot at. This particular Mom had a strong feeling she wasn't going to see her son again. While her son has been in the military since 2003, has served in theater in Afghanistan and Iraq, this time she just has that feeling......

All I could do to console was remind her that at least her son was getting the opportunity to do what he signed up to do. Unlike some of his brethren who volunteered to join the armed forces so they could learn to shoot weapons, fight terrorists, and maybe get blown up or shot to death by young children in the process. Many of his comrades are being deployed to West Africa so that they might be killed by Ebola. No one signed up for that!

Outlandish you say? Then explain to me why volunteer medical workers who work with the dead and dying Ebola victims don't have to be quarantined on there return from the region, but the volunteer military who didn't sign up to work with 'Doctor's without Borders' (Medcin sans Frontier) must be quarantined for the 21 day period of endangerment?

Medical professionals are expected to follow the Hippocratic oath. "Do no Harm". The military mission is quite the opposite. Is this not a major misallocation of resources? Does anyone think this sounds fair? Probably a question for a separate post. In fact I think it will be.