Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Presidente for Life!

Why did Obama not speak in support of an Iranian revolution (until his luke warm words of sadness for protesters was dragged out of him, basically kicking and screaming)? His first inclination was to wait and see how things played out.

Then, in Hondorus, the president is removed from office with the blessing of their Supreme Court, and their Congress, in the name of protecting their Constition. Obama came out immediately and denounced the Hondoran attempts to defend their democracy. You see, the illegal act that the Honduran president was comitting was an illeagal attempt to eliminate the two term limit. Just like their mutual friend Hugo Chavez.

The existence of fake democracy is on the rise. The Russians have lost their short lived democracy. Iran never really had one, but they were able to placate their own people until their clumsy attempt to rig an election. Hugo (Obama's book club buddy) has hijacked the Venezuelan Government.

Don't think for a second that it can't happen here! If legalizing the largely Latino undocumented voter community, and the ACORN enabled voter fraud successfully gets Obama a second term, you can be sure he will go for a third term. That's why the armed defense of democracy sends a chill down his back, and the idea of mass protests over election fraud is something he is very cool on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gangsta Land: ObamaCorps

The Wall Street Journal and Fox News are reporting that the Federal Inspector General for the agency that oversees government subsidized volunteer programs such as AmeriCorps, and oh say ACORN, has been fired by the White House. The reason? Good old Chicago style cronyism is the issue on the surface. You see, This Inspector General, Mr Gerald Walpin, had blown the whistle on a non-profit organization that was embezzling taxpayer money. That's his job after all. Well, unfortunately for Mr Walpin, the non-profit receiving the federal funds happened to be NBA star and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson. Because Mr Walpin refused to drop his recomendation for banning Mr Johnson from recieving federal funds, he has been fired.

What's the big deal? Favoritism, spoils of war, politics as usual right? This is a huge deal! This is not a superficial case for abuse of power. I mean forget the fact that Obama has been promising the american people that there would be complete transparency in the way stimulus funds would be spent. Forget the fact that Obama co-sponsored the Inspector General Reform Act, making the firing of Mr. Walpin illegal. This is about elections! This is about greasing the rails and paving the way for the smooth flow of fedral money to ACORN. The brown shirts, er um, I mean orange shirts will play an ever increasing role in elections and politics. It was recently reported (saw it on Atlas Shrugged first) that ACORN recently got involved with the antics taking place in the New York State Senate. Participating in a protest, ACORN and gang knocked down a Republican State Senator and spit in the face of his aid.

If heir presidente gets to move on his ideas for mandatory national service, the ranks of ACORN will swell with the young impresionable minds of your children. The Obama Youth is born! (visualize the end of the star wars movie where the camera pans out revealing the massive clone army forming up and being loaded onto the Empires star cruisers)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Intergalactic Healthcare - "The Public Option"

Think about it. What has the government ever done right? Whatever they touch becomes full of waste, and cronyism. And now, we are contemplating the governement overseeing our very well being.

In an Op-ed piece by Karl Rove in yesterdays Wall Street Journal, he makes arguments against Government run health care. He argues:
  1. It's unnecessary
  2. It's unfair competition to private Insurers
  3. It's unfair competition to private Insurers
  4. It will be too expensive to taxpayers
  5. It puts Government in between Doctor and Patients
All of these arguments are good, and they are true. However, they don't go far enough. It's much scarier and more odious than that. Far beyond the fact that the American public just can't afford this, far beyond the fact that the quality of care for you and your family have access to will be dramatically diminished, far beyond the fact the Government will be in the business of deciding who lives and who dies, the governmenment will run every aspect of your life. Once the Government is in-control and responsible for delivering health care the system will become bankrupt and immediately go into cost-cutting cost savings mode. The ultimate 'serious crisis that can't go to waste"

Every diktat, every partisan ideal, will be achieved in the name of lowering the cost of health care. There is not a single issue that cannot be spun into a health care or global warming issue. Maybe you agreed with anti-smoking laws. Maybe you agree with a ban on 'trans-fats' in restaurants. Get ready to close down McDonalds; because we need to fight obesity. Get ready for another prohibition on alcohol; because drunk drivers create patients in hospitals, and the cost of treating the liver related health issues is just too great. Abortion won't just be legal, it will be encouraged; because we need to do everything we can to reduce the number of entitled health care recipients. Get ready for the Coca-Cola tax, to help cover the cost of obesity related treatments. And the kit-kat tax, the Reeces Peanut Butter cup tax, the Girl Scout Cookie tax, and so on. You will have to buy cars from GM (this one can be an argument for global warming and Healthcare); because the government used their ownership stake to force them to create the most environmentally friendly and safest car car ever (yeah right)! The obamawagon will reduce health care costs and save the earth!

Karl Roves article correctly points out:
We can fix a lot of bad stuff President Barack Obama might do, he told me. But if Mr. Obama signs into law a "public option," government-run insurance program as part of health-care reform we won't be able to undo the damage.
The total control that this issue gives the government, and the out of control illogical spins and abuse only ends in a society that looks like the one in the movie Logan's Run.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Tale of Two Quotes

Said many times several different ways by B. Hussein Obama:
America is not a Christian nation
Said recently prior to his address to the 'Muslim World':
[America is] one of the largest Muslim countries in the world
Where is he going with this?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Government Motors: An Obamamobile in every garage!

Congratulations comrades! You and the proletariat of the UAW are now the proud owners of a 'new GM'; aka Government Motors.

Sacrifice was the word of the day when both the Obama and Fritz announced the bankruptcy plan for GM to the nation. Be sure you understand what sacrifice means.

Obama said

Be aware you are making a sacrifice for future generations.

What's good for General Motors is good for America.
When Hugo Chavez nationalizes a company it is called communism. When Obama nationalizes a company, it's called a bail out. Hmmmm....

Oh, and this just in. According to Reuters Hugo Chavez believes that Obama is further to the left than he and Castro are!
"Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right,"
Is anyone surprised Comrade Obama is opening up flights and regular mail service to Cuba? I mean how else can we covertly help prop up Obama's ideological comrades?