Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gangsta Land: ObamaCorps

The Wall Street Journal and Fox News are reporting that the Federal Inspector General for the agency that oversees government subsidized volunteer programs such as AmeriCorps, and oh say ACORN, has been fired by the White House. The reason? Good old Chicago style cronyism is the issue on the surface. You see, This Inspector General, Mr Gerald Walpin, had blown the whistle on a non-profit organization that was embezzling taxpayer money. That's his job after all. Well, unfortunately for Mr Walpin, the non-profit receiving the federal funds happened to be NBA star and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson. Because Mr Walpin refused to drop his recomendation for banning Mr Johnson from recieving federal funds, he has been fired.

What's the big deal? Favoritism, spoils of war, politics as usual right? This is a huge deal! This is not a superficial case for abuse of power. I mean forget the fact that Obama has been promising the american people that there would be complete transparency in the way stimulus funds would be spent. Forget the fact that Obama co-sponsored the Inspector General Reform Act, making the firing of Mr. Walpin illegal. This is about elections! This is about greasing the rails and paving the way for the smooth flow of fedral money to ACORN. The brown shirts, er um, I mean orange shirts will play an ever increasing role in elections and politics. It was recently reported (saw it on Atlas Shrugged first) that ACORN recently got involved with the antics taking place in the New York State Senate. Participating in a protest, ACORN and gang knocked down a Republican State Senator and spit in the face of his aid.

If heir presidente gets to move on his ideas for mandatory national service, the ranks of ACORN will swell with the young impresionable minds of your children. The Obama Youth is born! (visualize the end of the star wars movie where the camera pans out revealing the massive clone army forming up and being loaded onto the Empires star cruisers)
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