Friday, June 12, 2009

Intergalactic Healthcare - "The Public Option"

Think about it. What has the government ever done right? Whatever they touch becomes full of waste, and cronyism. And now, we are contemplating the governement overseeing our very well being.

In an Op-ed piece by Karl Rove in yesterdays Wall Street Journal, he makes arguments against Government run health care. He argues:
  1. It's unnecessary
  2. It's unfair competition to private Insurers
  3. It's unfair competition to private Insurers
  4. It will be too expensive to taxpayers
  5. It puts Government in between Doctor and Patients
All of these arguments are good, and they are true. However, they don't go far enough. It's much scarier and more odious than that. Far beyond the fact that the American public just can't afford this, far beyond the fact that the quality of care for you and your family have access to will be dramatically diminished, far beyond the fact the Government will be in the business of deciding who lives and who dies, the governmenment will run every aspect of your life. Once the Government is in-control and responsible for delivering health care the system will become bankrupt and immediately go into cost-cutting cost savings mode. The ultimate 'serious crisis that can't go to waste"

Every diktat, every partisan ideal, will be achieved in the name of lowering the cost of health care. There is not a single issue that cannot be spun into a health care or global warming issue. Maybe you agreed with anti-smoking laws. Maybe you agree with a ban on 'trans-fats' in restaurants. Get ready to close down McDonalds; because we need to fight obesity. Get ready for another prohibition on alcohol; because drunk drivers create patients in hospitals, and the cost of treating the liver related health issues is just too great. Abortion won't just be legal, it will be encouraged; because we need to do everything we can to reduce the number of entitled health care recipients. Get ready for the Coca-Cola tax, to help cover the cost of obesity related treatments. And the kit-kat tax, the Reeces Peanut Butter cup tax, the Girl Scout Cookie tax, and so on. You will have to buy cars from GM (this one can be an argument for global warming and Healthcare); because the government used their ownership stake to force them to create the most environmentally friendly and safest car car ever (yeah right)! The obamawagon will reduce health care costs and save the earth!

Karl Roves article correctly points out:
We can fix a lot of bad stuff President Barack Obama might do, he told me. But if Mr. Obama signs into law a "public option," government-run insurance program as part of health-care reform we won't be able to undo the damage.
The total control that this issue gives the government, and the out of control illogical spins and abuse only ends in a society that looks like the one in the movie Logan's Run.
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