Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm Back! and in other news... There will be boots on the ground!

After a long but needed sabbatical I'm back to blog about our upside down world. Back to compare and contrast historical events with current events. Back to connect the dots between logic and the crazy upside down propaganda that is constantly spewed by the politicians and aided by state run media.

News Flash.....

There will be boots on the ground

I spoke with a Military mom yesterday. Her son is being deployed to Iraq to fight ISIS in 4 to 8 weeks. Despite what the liar in chief says everyday, and what the media doesn't question, there will be a deployment of  U.S. army regulars to combat ISIS.

I have no details as to the official mission, whether they will be called advisers, or if they will be called a security detail, but they do expect to be shot at. This particular Mom had a strong feeling she wasn't going to see her son again. While her son has been in the military since 2003, has served in theater in Afghanistan and Iraq, this time she just has that feeling......

All I could do to console was remind her that at least her son was getting the opportunity to do what he signed up to do. Unlike some of his brethren who volunteered to join the armed forces so they could learn to shoot weapons, fight terrorists, and maybe get blown up or shot to death by young children in the process. Many of his comrades are being deployed to West Africa so that they might be killed by Ebola. No one signed up for that!

Outlandish you say? Then explain to me why volunteer medical workers who work with the dead and dying Ebola victims don't have to be quarantined on there return from the region, but the volunteer military who didn't sign up to work with 'Doctor's without Borders' (Medcin sans Frontier) must be quarantined for the 21 day period of endangerment?

Medical professionals are expected to follow the Hippocratic oath. "Do no Harm". The military mission is quite the opposite. Is this not a major misallocation of resources? Does anyone think this sounds fair? Probably a question for a separate post. In fact I think it will be.