Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Post Partisan Polemic's

Party of "No" becomes party of "Whoa!"

It really is a beautiful thing to watch. After two years of complaining that Republicans were being too partisan, and too obstructionist, suddenly an agreement between the President and the GOP is a monumental betrayal.

This is not the first act of bipartisanship. There have been many bipartisan oppositions to various Pelosi shenanigans, that were rammed through by a purely partisan majority. It just never gets reported that way.

Until yesterday, bipartisanship meant "sit down, shut up, and vote how I tell you to vote. Otherwise you are obstructing". Apparently they became very accustomed to this environment, and despite the results of the mid term elections they refuse to come to terms with the change that was voted for and is about to take place.

Now, at the first attempt of a truly bipartisan deal in congress since the election of "He who walks on water", the one who spoke earnestly about "reaching across the isle", it is absolute schadenfreude to watch the presidents base lose their minds.

What was that phrase that was so popular two years ago? Oh yeah......"elections have consequences!"