Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Tide of War Against Extreme Islam Turns as Extremists go on the Offensive in Paris.

Je suis un Charlie
It didn't take long, and we are not allowed to act surprised. In fact it was predicted. It just is rather stunning to see how quickly it happened, but the old adage about "we can fight them there, or we'll have to fight them here" is quickly becoming true.

Barely two weeks after NATO ceremoniously surrendered Afghanistan to an uncertain fate, Jihadis successfully attacked a target they had previously and publicly threatened with revenge for publishing cartoons they deemed offensive to their Mohamed. A publication called "Charlie Hebdo".

Whether the timing is intentional or coincidental, the message or at least the optics are clear. Jihad has been victorious at home, and now they are on the march.

This attack was not a 'lone wolf' attack. It can't be chalked up to a lone unstable religious nut who used Jihad as an excuse to act crazy and violently. On the contrary, this attack appears to have been by well trained and possibly veteran Jihadi soldiers.

Gunmen in Charlie Hebdo Attack in Paris Likely 'Well Trained,' Experts Say
“They carried out the operation in a very calm, controlled way,” said Richard Clarke, former White House counter-terrorism advisor and current ABC News consultant. “They appear to have fire discipline, not spraying bullets everywhere. They were people who did not look like they were wild, on some kind of spree, but who were accomplishing a military operation.” 
When will the president learn that just because he doesn't want to fight the Jihadis, the Jihadis do in fact want to fight him, and the western culture.

If this was in fact an attack by citizens of Europe or the United States or Canada, who were trained on the battlefield by, oh, say, ISIS and have now returned to execute terror attacks, then there is nothing preventing them from getting on an airplane to the United States to come here and do the samething.

Good thing our cowardly mealy mouthed media outlets have chosen to censor themselves by not showing the graphic cartoons that upset the Jihadis so much. How courageous.