Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

In the long held communist tradition of May day, the self proclaimed entitled poured out into the streets. They are knocking down your door, they want your stuff, get used to it. As another usurped pagan holiday, May day now represents the triumph and power of communist ideals. Oh sure, they don't have those big parades marching through red square any more, but it is still a time for the communists to come out and pound their chests.

And today was no different. Communists in politically correct clothing came out and made their demand that you 'sanction the victim'.

Ronald Reagan said that a country without borders is not a country. It is truly ironic and saddening to remember that he was the one who granted amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants. But I do remember them swearing up and down and promising that this was a one time deal. It would never happen again because we would strengthen our borders.

The political class fooled us once. Shame on them. But if they fool us again?.............

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