Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crimmigrents Gone Wild

It is stunning that far flung parts of the country take umbrage with the legal residents of Arizona for trying to protect themselves from violence that is spilling over the border from Mexico. City states such as San Francisco and Boston are contemplating boycotts, embargoes, and sanctions against Arizona for their new law that only enforces federal law already on the books.

Easy for them to say. It is easy to cast aspersions as to how other conduct themselves when you have absolutely no idea what they are going through. Blue state elites malign their desperate acts to keep Arizona families safe while not being able to comprehend the violence and the overflow effects of the drug war taking place just across the border. Not unlike Vietnam and Laos, or even Pakistan and Afghanistan, the effective use of hiding and bouncing back and forth over the border hands an advantage to the criminal and violent organizations seeking refuge from superior forces. This is what is going on in Arizona.

Ariz. sheriff says out of 64 pursuits, zero suspects U.S. citizens
Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona decried in a recent radio interview the “emotional” reaction to the immigration situation in his state and encouraged Americans to visit the area and see the challenges his department faces every day. “Just in one patrol region” last month alone, he said, “not one” of the sixty-four drivers who sped away from officers — some of them causing deadly chases — was a U.S. citizen.
"Too bad, shut up and deal with it or feel our wrath" is not a good strategy for the ivory tower set. Instead of a boycott how about sending down some buses and relocating said crimmigrents to your city. Easing the burden of your fellow Americans would be preferred to damning them to untenable conditions.
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