Saturday, May 15, 2010

Revoking Citizenship?

Be careful here.

There has been talk, and news pieces regarding the possibility of revoking ones citizenship for involvement in terrorist activities. If you are a naturalized citizen, then sure. After all, your desire to become a citizen was a pretense to allow you to perform an act of war. However. if you were born in this country, and you are the child of parents who are legally residing in this country, then citizenship is a birthright that can never be taken away from you involuntarily.

I don't even know to what end this conversation is headed. The thought that Eric holder is going to take away citizenship and water board a terrorist in order to save lives is ridiculous. This administration has expressed a desire to treat truly qualified enemy combatants as citizens who should be tried in civil courts. Why the talk about removing citizenship? I mean what? They are suddenly going to actually deport someone?

This government welcomes and coddles illegal immigrants. It lavishes the rights of citizens onto enemy combatants. And so, we are supposed to believe that they actually place any value on citizenship? Hell, there is a segment of our population who is convinced that our president isn't a citizen!

Be very careful here. If this government grants itself the right to remove you as a citizen, it won't be in the name of protecting other citizens from foreign enemy combatants. It will be an overt attempt to silence the opposition. If you are one of those terrorists defined by homeland security chief Janet Nepolitano, you know, white male returning home from military duty, or if you own a gun, or if you disagree with obamacare, well then you will have earned your right to loose your citizenship, and need to leave the country.
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