Sunday, May 9, 2010

Get This Party Started!

Apparently those racists in the Tea Party don't like old wrinkly white guys either. It really could not be any more perfect than to have the first political target of the Tea Party, Bob Bennett (R-UT) to retire an incumbent be a republican. To me this sends the clear message that the Tea Party is non-partisan. They are anti-incumbent. If you have been in Washington too long, it is time for you to come home.

The can't win-in-the-press Tea Party will of course now come under fire. It does not matter what they do, the spin is always negative. Instead of being seen as a non-partisan achievement, state run media will declare that this represents an attempt to move the GOP drastically to the right! They are eating their young (or ancient). And if Bob Bennet had not been ousted then the spin would have been that the young party is only good for protesting and has no political muscle, or that they are really just in bed with the GOP.

No matter! The fight goes on! New Jersey, Massachusetts, and now Utah. If you have been in office too long, or if you believe in welfare state socialism we are coming for you.  The smartest thing Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) ever did was to read the tea leaves (pun intended) and decide not to run.

Tea party wins victory in Utah as incumbent GOP senator loses bid for nomination
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