Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cap on Cost, No Cap on Benefit

Liar! Today on capitol hill democrats held a press conference as part of their marketing campaign and effort to ram rod their health care reforms through congress. In that press conference Nancy Peolosi said that with these reforms the new system would provide "a Cap on Cost, No Cap on Benefits". There is no way any one can promise to sustain a system where they swear to limit money coming into the fund and spend without regard. She is absurd!

Where in the proposed bill does it say that? It does not. If it does then that is what they need to point out and post on line so the American people can see it for themselves.

In that same press conference they trotted out a woman with her story about not being properly insured and then getting cancer and then running up some pretty hefty bills. There are many challenges in life and some people do get dealt situations I would never want to face. What I did not understand was why she thought that all the treatments she talked about would be automatically paid by the government? Where does it say that in the bill? In fact, if the government decided that as part of rationed care she was not qualified for the treatments, it would be illegal for her to go out and buy the care with her own money, which was how she resolved the mistake of being under insured. At least that's the way it works in Canada.

So if the socialized medicine like Canada and the UK have is so great, why are people coming here for treatments?
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