Tuesday, August 24, 2010

McCain's Last Stand

the tea party is facing a huge test tonight.  Senator John McCain is someone who most tea party members have probably voted for at one time or another. Senator John McCain is war hero; He has been a dutiful public servant, and he has served his state well whether you always agreed with him or not. Senator McCain is someone deserving of respect.

But, the tea party platform has been fairly absolute. "throw the bums out!". Nary an incumbent has been spared, and neither should Mr. McCain. American's don't like losers, and Mr. McCain has lost two presidential bids. He was on the wrong side of the last immigration debate, and while he is currently repentant on that issue, you never know when the Maverick will appear and be unable to to resist the temptation to appease the other side of the aisle.

the latest polling suggests that Mr. McCain will survive tonight. I can understand the conflict that might arise in the voting both. "I voted for him to be President? How come I don't think he should be my Senator?".

the answer is: he has his chance, we need real change, and we intend to get that by ridding ourselves of the incumbents.

If Mr. McCain is returned to the Senate, it will be the real first big defeat for the tea party.

thanks for the service Senator. Here's your hat. What's your hurry?
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