Friday, October 1, 2010

10/2: Union's Flex their Muscles

they say that mimicry is a form of flattery. Despite the ridicule and the condescending condemnation of tea party protests and the Glenn Beck / Sarah Palin 8/28 rally, self proclaimed progressives have decided to respond in kind. While all along belittling these gatherings, while yanking and rolling their eyes, the back on their heels leftists are holding a 'see we can have a rally too' event.

I can't wait to see the results.

Will Nancy Pelosi demand a congressional investigation into who is financially backing this group? Will she weep crocodile tears of fear? No, she won't. It's widely known that this operation is organized, by the most experienced organizing organizations known to man.

Heck, the speaker list is a who's who of union royalty.

the ideology between the 8/28 and the 10/2 messages could not be further apart. 8/28 was about individualism and freedom, and 10/2 is clearly about the progressive (not to be confused with the word progress) agenda, including all out support for illegal immigrants, and community unity (aka Communism).

Is it coincidence that a union operation such as this is held so close to the anniversary of a bloody union triumph?

When asked what he thought about media attempts to classify this rally as an anti-Tea Party movement, Garland said that he thinks “that’s an over simplification.  Media tends to do that.”
“This is really not about the Tea Party,” he said.  “This is about America. This is about bringing people together who have a positive vision for what America can be, not the Tea Party, which is all about negativity, about hatred, about discrimination, about racism.  And we’re not about that, we’re about bringing America together with positive energy and a positive agenda for a positive future.”
Or we (the unions) will kill you................

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