Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NAACP is a racist organization

The definition of racism is making a decision or forming an opinion based on the color of someones skin.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has racist intent built into their name. They are in favor of advancing certain people based on the color of their skin!

And now, this organization has moved beyond their race based agenda and they have become nothing more than a shill for the democratic party.  The reality is that this race based political action committee is nothing more than an Uncle Tom race affinity political action committee.

NAACP blasts 'racism' in Tea Party

The historical perspective here is littered with irony and upside down world spin.  I commented a while back on the irony of Harry Reid's perverse jab at being on the wrong side of the vote with issues like slavery.

Making (up) History......

Historically speaking it was the Southern Democrats who fought the Civil War in an attempt to prevent the emancipation of slaves. It was the Republicans who executed the war that eventually won black people their freedom. And honestly, not much has changed. The democrats are still selling their version of share cropping in order to keep black people down on the farm by incentivising them into poverty with entitlements and hand outs.

I wonder if the NAACP showed any video on that big screen behind the podium that made their charges of racism evident? My wish would have been for them to show the video of the two white SEIU union thugs beating up a black guy because he was protesting with the Tea Party.

If the NAACP is worried about organizations that tolerate racism, they should look into the mirror.

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