Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama, and the Spies who love him

My antennae went up the moment this starry broke. Having a Russian spy ring busted up and hauled in a mere day after a high level meeting with Vladimir Putin's messenger boy, Medvedev, was just too much to let lie as coincidence.

I wrote about it right away knowing there was something very deep going on here.

To Russia with Love

From the beginning this felt like an Obama overture to ingratiate himself to the Russians.  This ideologue actually believes that kind gestures to evil people will yield positive results.  You can't fault him for not being a true believer, however naive that may be.

And now the evidence piles up.

US began deliberating spy swap well before arrests
The White House began deliberating a spy swap with Moscow nearly a month ago
In the course of the following negotiations with Moscow, the United States put forward the names of the four people who were released by Russia on Friday as their part of the bargain
Four people? What four people? It is interesting that the names and profiles have not yet been released.  What a deal!  Obama confesses, and then cleans up some massive loose ends that the new KGB left for us. Loose ends that could have been played, turned, or designated for misinformation at an important moment. You just don't hand over assets like this. Especially for 4 people the nation has never heard of!
the official said, briefing reporters on condition of anonymity under ground rules set by the White House.
Reporters?!?!?!?  You mean someone held an anonymous press conference? Usually leaks happen in one on one situations where anonymity can easily be granted. Here we have state-run-media colluding with an orchestrated intelligence leak and pretending like it's an unknown source. White House ground rules?  I have been calling the main-stream-media the state-run-media for over a year. Now you have the proof.
The U.S. government has declared itself pleased with the outcome, saying it got everything it wanted out of the case.
Yip. Nothing to see here. President Obama has offered up yet another gift at the feet of Vladimir Putin, and what did he get in return?

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