Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To Russia with Love

President Obama continues to lift up his skirt and give gifts to the Russians to prove that he is not a useful idiot, but that he is a true believer. As pathetic as a love struck teen trying to curry favor with the popular girls this president thinks he can win over the Vladimir Putin. First it was the oath to eliminate the plan to deploy defensive missiles into Poland. Then it was the looking the other way when democratic ally Georgia was attacked and is still being occupied by Russia. And now this. Obama has ordered the termination of a long term counter-espionage project.

Now you know why it was all smiles and and fond back slapping at the burger joint.
Comrade! Thank you so much! Knowing our program was compromised is a huge relief! Imagine if you had continued the investigation. Oh my God! The risk of turning one of our agents or using them to collect information on our intelligence gathering methods? Oh my. Thank God you put an end to this potential nightmare.
Oh, and by the way, Vladimir says he does think you are cute and he is sorry for calling you a creepy geek.
Yes, yes. Russia has a little egg on their face, but not knowing and not having the investigation shut down was  far more risky.

Think about it. Why did the FBI move in? There are clearly more than 11 of these deep cover agents here. They could have used these guys to get to those guys. And the timing of this is just too curious. I mean mere days after the visit from the Russian president? Are we to believe that Obama didn't know about this prior to the visit? And if he did (which he did) are we supposed to believe it was not a point of discussion?

The reset in Russian relations is a euphemism for the capitulation by the United States.

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