Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Il Duce Tries Again

Filed under 'you never want a serious crisis to go to waste '. The administration has used the horrific BP Gulf crisis to take over and control another industry. First the banks, then the car industry, etc. etc. and now the oil industry.

In a thinly disguised dictate that was supposedly recommended by industry experts, the dictator-in-chief issued a fiat that 'there would be no deep drilling or working' ( sung to the tune of 'There'll be no more toy makers to the King').
It's a difficult responsibility
That you accept from the Number 1 lawmaker, me
Have it known throughout the land from sea to sea
There'll be no more drilling in the sea.
Well, the president ran into a little problem this week. His attempt to dictate laws and regulations was stalled by one of those nasty checks and balances.

Obama's Moratorium, Drilled
In a remarkably pointed 22-page ruling, the judge made clear that even Presidents aren't allowed to impose an "edict" that isn't justified by science or safety.
Oil-services companies brought the case, which is supported by the state of Louisiana, arguing that the White House ban was "arbitrary and capricious" in exceeding federal authority, and Judge Feldman agreed. He noted that even after reading Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's report on safety recommendations (which included the ban), and Mr. Salazar's memo ordering the ban, "the Court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium." 
and finally some justice for the lies perpetrated by the administration in their attempt to make the decision look science based rather than political.

The judge also went out of his way to express "uneasiness" over the Administration's claim that its safety report (which recommended the ban) had been "peer reviewed" by experts. Those experts have since publicly disavowed the ban, explaining that the ban was added to the report only after they had signed off on an earlier draft. White House green czar Carol Browner dismissed their complaints, saying "No one's been deceived or misrepresented."
But Judge Feldman directly contradicted Ms. Browner, describing the report's claim of "peer review" as "factually incorrect." Moreover, the Administration's "hair-splitting explanation" of what the experts did or didn't support "abuses reason, common sense, and the text at issue."

Obama is assuming the posture of a dictator. This is not the first example.

The American Mussolini
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