Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Distinguished Gentlemen

File this one under 'be careful what you wish for'.

In what has become a stunning example of irony and unintended consequences, the progressive left is now protesting the fruits of their own platform.

South Carolina Pol Questions Dem Senate Candidate's 'Mental Status'

A South Carolina lawmaker on Sunday suggested that new Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene may be intellectually incapable of participating in the general election race.
State Rep. Todd Rutherford told Fox News that he went to Greene's house to discuss with him how Greene succeeded last week in becoming the candidate to challenge Republican Sen. Jim DeMint in the November election, but he found it difficult to decipher an answer.

The fact that the progressives who have championed 'one man one vote' and are now horrified by the very policy they fought so hard for is poetry. You can't make this stuff up. The founding fathers never intended this republic to be governed by a 'one man, one vote' electorate. Their criteria was that you at least had to own property. That was the test of your competency and the demonstration of your vested interest.
"I never said he was a Republican plant. I said he was someone's plant. ... I saw the patterns in this. I know a Democratic pattern, I know a Republican pattern and I saw in the Democratic primary elephant dung all over the place," he told CNN.
Precious. He's not saying it's a Republican conspiracy, he's just saying! The democrats also appear to dismiss the politics of hate and disdain that they ingrained into their base. The democrats brought the 'not that guy' campaign strategy to a crescendo with the 'hate Bush' rhetoric, and it worked perfectly for them. Obama wasn't elected because of his demonstrated skills and experience, he was elected because the electorate was not going to vote for 'those guys'.
As the questions mount over the selection of Greene, some have attributed it to the arbitrary alphabet since Greene's name appeared above Rawl's on the ballot. Rutherford said the Senate Democratic primary in South Carolina was low profile to begin with and probably "people just hit a button and had no idea who they were voting for."
Well? When you cultivate a base that is not supposed to think for themselves, and may not be able to think for themselves, you have to take special care. You have to be careful that you haven't taken their vote for granted. Sure, you might think, so what? Who else are they going to vote for? But, they might be thinking 'not that guy'.

If the progressives have worked so hard to cultivate an electorate of dummies, and the dummies decide they want to be represented by a dummy, then who are we to say? And, who are they to say?

Sorry SC dems. Time to reap what you sow.

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  1. And, of course, the fact that they are smearing a black man is beyond ironic. Were it Republicans who were questioning the authenticity/viability of a black candidate (of either party) - well, you know the rest...