Friday, September 23, 2011

Right, Wing-Nut!: Elizabeth Warren: A Poison To The Body Politic

Great minds think alike.

While I was putting together my own version of the Elizabeth Warren video rant, the Jersey Nut put into words a well articulated disection of what is going on in the video.

Go read it.
Right, Wing-Nut!: Elizabeth Warren: A Poison To The Body Politic

No need for me to duplicate, but I will share my video with commentary. 

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  1. She's very smart, has studied for years what she talks about, and while you're blinded by your ideology and willingness to take as truth what you hear on that really wing-nut Fox "news," Elizibeth Warren is also right. What's so poison about requiring creditors to explain their charging practices in plain English?
    Ohh! That's just frigg'n Marxist!

    I'm continually amazed how many Americans fall for the Republican line over and again: flag wave'n, "we're with you..." and they don't even try to hide that their main concern is rich, white, businessman, and their ability to pollute the environment and screw over the public. I wouldn't mind so much if your lack of critical thinking didn't result in dirty air and water and all the trees chopped down where I live, and the only public protections left are for the very rich. If they had their way, only rich people and corporations would be able to declare bankruptsy.