Thursday, September 17, 2009

Preaching to the choir

Rather than the fake town hall meetings that were scripted to the extent that they were nothing more than live infomercials, the administration has had the good sense to shed the pretense and only take their message to safe audiences.

For instance, yesterday the president gave a speech to the AFL-CIO convention. He called on them for their support. Their support? Other than pure "quid pro quo" politics the unions have no dog in the health care reform fight. They are being payed off by receiving the "leave my health care alone" provisions those silly teabaggers and deathers are screaming for. One of the ideas in the still being crafted reform is for 'gold plated' health plans to be taxed. Well guess what; unions have gold plated plans. So now the plan is to tax gold plated plans 'except' for unions. Most unions are big enough to be self -insured so they don't have to worry about competing with the government. They have a captive customer base. And now, they don't have to worry about being taxed for the gold plated insurance plan most of us will never be able to afford. In return all they have to do is support the plan that screws everybody else. Oh, and if you (union thugs) could club down any one who opposes the plan, and decides to be vocal about it? That would be great!

In another tabernacle like performance, today the president gave his stump speech to college students in College Park, Maryland. In what will be portrayed as a victorious speech given to cheers with demonstrated support on tonight's evening news, the president cake walked through his talking points. Incredibly he won over the college kids who are still on mommy and daddies insurance plan, and have not yet paid their first bill, with his peace and love, hope and change promotion! Wow! What an accomplishment!
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