Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Health care reform is entitlement reform

I do not know how she does it, but she does it. And, she did it again! Today in statements given to the press after a closed door meeting with president Obama, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, made a declaration in support of the health care reforms working their way through the Congress that ...
"Health care reform is entitlement reform"
You're damn right it is! And, that is what has those astro-turf, tea party, tea bagging skeptics so freaked out! We get it! We know! If this bill is passed, it is the single greatest entitlement ever handed out in this county. But who will pay for it?!?!?!?

Once again Nancy Pelosi has gone out on the limb and stated that we can defy the laws of economics, and that these reforms can happen without any impact to everyday workaday Americans. She's done this before without challenge when she stated

"Cap on Cost, No Cap on Benefit"

She stated the party line which is "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan". Yes, that is what the law says. However, if you think the scenario all the way through, you will realize that you only get to keep your plan until your employer dumps you over the side and selects the cheaper, tax subsidized public option.

Once you are on the public option the government will control every aspect of your life.
  • they will decide if you are worthy of a test or a treatment.
  • they will dictate what you can and cannot eat in the name of cost savings . (Drinking beer, eating at White Castle's, and ordering a Pizza is prohibited if your are on the public plan).
  • they will dictate what you can do in the name of cost savings (riding ATV's, hunting, owning guns, and skiing are dangerous activities that contribute to the increased costs of health care and are forbidden if you are on the public option plan).
yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. That stuff is not in the bill. But let me tell you you that there will be subsequent bills afterwards if this current reform bill gets passed. There is no such thing as free lunch, and the all you can eat buffet is never is agood as you thought it would be. The buffet will be great for the first wave that goes through the funnel. But, once the law of supply and demand catches up to the promises being made by this administratation........

The bills to cut back (read 'ration') on health care will fly out of congress much fater that this 'reform act' being blocked by those damn obstructionist, tea party, tea bagging, astro-turf protesters,

Be careful of what you wish for.
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