Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where is Jack Bauer?

Well, if you are in New York City today, then be on the look out for him!

It is extremely difficult to not let the imagination run wild, but I feel like I might be in, or maybe I am missing a season finale episode of '24'.

If you turn on the news right now you will see reports of what appears to be a feverish investigation of a terror plot. It started several days ago, when a Colorado man who recently returned from Pakistan visited friends in New York City. On his departure and during his flight back to Colorado, Police and Federal investigators raided the homes of several contacts of this man from Colorado. It was reported that the raids were related to a terrorism investigation. The day after arriving back in Colrado Mr. Najibullah Zazi was taken in for questioning. He participated in two days of questioning.

Finally Mr. Zazi was arrested for lying to Federal Investigators. Not a really big charge in comparison to conspiracy to commit terrorism, but apparently they needed to get him off of the streets. One can only conjecture that the plot was unfolding, Mr Zazi was starting to crack maybe, and they could not let him tip off the rest of the cell.

Further conjecture might lead you to believe that the remaining cell members, now cut off from one of their key operatives, is in panic. Maybe they have decided to accelerate their plans before the Feds come rushing in.

And now, fast forward to today. The second day of government warnings to law enforcemnt and homeland security agencies.

Federal counterterrorism officials warned local police to patrol stadiums, hotels and entertainment complexes for suspicious activity

Meanwhile, right now, Limousines are strolling up 5th Avenue, delivering world leaders to the UN to either give or listen to speeches from other world leaders. And right now, President Obama is preparing to board Marine One, the helicopter that will deliver him to NYC where he will address the UN General assembly. There are lot of people with diplomatic immunity walking around the city of New York this week. Potential 'agents provocateur'?

Where is Jack Bauer right now?

Buh, Bing, Buh, Bing, Buh, Bing, Buh, Bing.........

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