Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beat the Drum Louder

There is an old adage that says:
"You learn more from those that disagree with you, than you do from those that already agree with you"
I think I would now add to that "unless you're on the left because then you think you already know everything"

They are still angry out there!

So with some free time to burn I let my curiosity get the best of me and used that wonerful "Next Blog" link to randomly take me around the  blogosphere.

One of the places I landed early on was a blog at Great! I like to think my blog is all about historical perspective too! When you arrive at this blog the title of the blog is "Make it Stop! Make it Stop!".  Interesting? It almost screams the visual of someone holding their hands over their ears and screaming "Make it Stop! Make it Stop!". moving on, the first article is interesting. It is a slam piece about that ridiculous purity test that I have really only heard people on the left talk about. I don't doubt that some silly ultra-conservative may have suggested something like this, but even if it's true that there is a push to use something like this I too think it's dumb. The last part of the post penned by 'LaPopessa' sparks my curiosity.
9 -Protecting the lives of vulnerable persons by opposing health care rationing and denial of health care and government funding of abortion
10 - The right to keep and bear arms by opposing government restrictions on gun ownership

Where to begin, where to begin. Could it be the innate contradiction of points 9 & 10 (we care about your life only while in the womb, outside of it, run or duck & cover, 'cause we've got a right to those guns).

That's kinda cute. But it left me with a question? So I left an anonymous post. Not sure why I decide to do that? I usually don't post anonymous, but somehow I guess I did get a bad vibe from the site. Perhaps this could be one of those politics of personal destruction types! So I wrote something to the affect of
Interesting post, I do not think I would pass the purity test either........ I too have often pondered the inconsistency with 9 & 10 as well. I suppose one could pose the the contrary condition: Why is it OK to kill an innocent baby and not to be able to protect your family from killers?

I guess ultimately I am wondering which position of consistency you favor? Kill babies and go ahead kill anyone else with your gun? or don't kill babies and don't own guns?
 I went back a few times because I was truly interested in what the reply might be. After the post sat there for a few days I went back and it was gone! So I left another post that said something to the affect of:
Not into the whole free exhange of ideas thing?
I went back again. Sure enough, deleted. But this time there was a reply (2 comments).

Comment deleted
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
3:03 PM

Blogger LaPopessa said...

Yes anonymous I have. Beat your chest all you like, but until you man up enough to actually leave your name, don't expect me to take you seriously.
9:59 PM
 Wow! So she would never take an anonymous piece like the Federalist Papers seriously? I mean, just for some historical perspective. So I determine this probably isn't the place for me.

Moving on again I stumble upon The Title of this blog is "Odd Time Signatures". Indeed! I find a post that elicits my curiosity .

Tell me again: What was the public option supposed to do? 

In this case, I leave a comment, and I get a reply from the author Karoli . In the reply I am posed a question in what comes across as an angry tone. So I answer the question. You can read the thread here. No reply. OK fine.

Then I find another interesting post.

True health care reform: Puzzle it out

I leave another post. You can go here and read it, but you won't see it on the site. Basically it said

True health care reform

 The concept of pre-existing conditions came about the same time congress rolled out medicare medicaid. The idea was backed by the government then because they thought it would incentivize people to maintain insurance policies. They were talking the same mantra then that they are talking today. If everybody, including the young and health have insurance then the large pool will insure enough money is available for all. It didn't work out that though.

So, without the threat of being denied insurance for a pre-existing condition; explain to me again why I should carry health insurance? My choices are to continue to pay the monthly premiums as I do today, or I can drop my coverage and pay a tax that is roughly equivalent to one months premium? And then, if I get sick? Just sign up for insurance then! Brilliant!

In short, the left does not like well thought out well reasoned ideas or questions. The only way they know to combat cold calculated logic is to hold their hands over their ears, scream "La La La I can't hear you!", and beat the drum louder.


  1. Or maybe they think that roaming trolls who post anonymously don't deserve any attention. I'm tired of the screaming & shouting on both sides. A signed reasoned debate on the other hand - that's worth consideration.

  2. Somehow I doubt that calling LaPopessa a troll on her site would be tolerated.

    Just say'in.

  3. Silly goose, I am calling anonymous posters trolls. And they're trolls wherever they show up.

  4. p.s., Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all!