Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Going Galt

Is it starting to happen? Is Atlas beginning to shrug? As government inflicts itself and imposes it's political desires on big business and critical industries, are the captains of industry giving up?

Mostly I want to know if it was John Galt or Francisco d'Anconia that showed up and convinced ex-GM CEO "Fritz" Henderson of the futility of it all. Which one of them convinced Fritz that the looters have arrived and they intend to take what others produce? Were they the ones who got him to embrace his Sanction of the victim?

U.S.'s Role Expands in the Boardroom - WSJ

Boards crammed with government appointees have prompted the departure announcements of three CEOs in the past two months: Mr. Henderson, Kenneth D. Lewis at Bank of America Corp. and Alvaro de Molina at GMAC Financial Services.

The departures, and friction at other government-backed companies, raise a sticky question: Whose interests are these boards serving?
Is there a destroyer loose in the world? Some evil creature that is deliberately luring away the brains of the world for a purpose we cannot understand?
Is Hank Greenberg, the former CEO at AIG, the contemporary Hank Reardon? Both Hanks were chased away by the government because it wanted their riches. Eventually the government run businesses wants Hank to come back and take the wheel.

All very interesting parallels.

My last question is; who is John Galt?
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