Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kiss My Hamas: Part III

Talking to your enemies: What a difference a year makes; or not

So, after convincing the American electorate that then President Bush's policy of pushing the U.N. for sanctions on Iran because of their efforts towards obtaining nuclear weapons was wrong, jingoistic, mean, and just not the right strategy in a world where diplomacy can solve everything; President Obama just may have learned his first on-the-job lesson. Too bad Iran is another whole year closer to having a nuclear bomb.

The Iranians have played Obama for the fool that he is. The presidents displays of weakness, deference, and his Pollyanna approach to diplomacy has made the situation worse, not better.

Iran to Build 10 More Nuclear Sites, State News Agency Says

The Iranian's have concluded that Obama is weaker and meeker than Jimmy Carter. 

So the chess game continues

Kiss My Hamas: Part Deux

The announcement of plans to build 10 more Uranium enrichment facilities is an interesting move. Is this just a hostile threat meant to scare Obama into backing off any efforts to have the U.N. impose more sanctions? Obama clearly communicated that he didn't think sanctions were the way to go, so the threat of making things worse could be an effective attempt to reinforce that idea.

Or is it worse than that? Could Iran have obtained nuclear weapons already? Spreading out the production of your Uranium enrichment production is a smart military move. They know that right now they are completely vulnerable to a military strike that could completely eliminate their enrichment capabilities, so creating more targets to make that happen makes sense. But, why would you announce it to the world? Why wouldn't you just quietly go ahead and do it? Are they trying to provoke the military option? Are they hoping Israel will freak out and bomb their Nanantz nuclear facility, so that they can retaliate with their brand new nuclear missile and remove Israel from the face of the map as they have promised?

Once again, Your move Mr. President.

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