Friday, October 23, 2009

Kiss My Hamas: Part Deux

Iran fails to accept UN uranium enrichment plan -AP 

The Obama administration has just officially got their first taste of diplomatic reality. Why they think that their "she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not" strategy is vastly different than what Bush or even Clinton (with North Korea) tried to do is not apparent. And now this administration has reset the clock by handing the Iranians a brand new bouquet of flowers from which to pick the petals. The only possible reason that this administration thought that their negotiations would work over their predecessors is because of their "Hey, it's me, Obama!" mentality.

And now the dance is anew. Playing a card right out of the Narcissist in Chief's playbook, the Iranians warn and woo the President by warning the U.S. to...
refrain from past mistakes in violating agreements and make efforts to win the trust of the Iranian nation
I believe the game of chess originated in Persia. They may not be grand masters, but they are good.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is waiting for a constructive and confidence building response to the clear proposal of buying fuel for the Tehran research reactor
It's not checkmate but it's a clear block to any 'four move checkmate' strategy that Mr Obama thought he might use. The Iranians strategy has been cast. They do not need a checkmate move. They just need to delay, and move some of the pieces from time to time. Their counter offer to buy more Uranium from world supplies is actually brilliant. It diffuses the issue of them trying to yield higher grade uranium, supposedly for their medical reactor, and lets them hang onto their supply of raw un-enriched, but still enrich-able stock pile. What avenue does Obama have now? Repeat the mistakes of the past and implement tougher sanctions (The Bush strategy)? or let Israel have at them?

Your move Mr. President
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