Monday, October 26, 2009

From "Yes We Can" to "Yes Iran"

On Friday I commented on the breaking news that Iran was refusing the deal that the 'talk to your enemies' administration had proposed.

Kiss My Hamas: Part Deux

This weekends edition of the wall street journal had two good op-ed pieces on the situation. The first piece seemed to mock the Presidents naivete, and arrogant overconfidence more than I did. I loved it!

Dickering Over Uranium

The mullahs so far won't take yes for an answer.
The second piece really went on to make some very good points I did not mention on Friday. It essentially goes on to say that in addition to being embarrassed at the negotiating table, and in addition to passively giving the Iranians nuclear weapons capabilities, Obama is also looking the other way on Iran's human rights violations, and looking the other way on the country's fledgling democratic movement.

Denying the Green Revolution

The State Department cuts off funding to support Iran's democrats.

I have commented in various posts that I really don't think Obama is a very big fan of democracy anyways. I mean it was great for getting him the power he has now, but other than that, from his point of view, there is too much downside. I mean if democracy was so great, then we would already have a single-payer health care system, right? Honduras trying to preserve their democracy? Obama is not interested. Voter fraud and a new democratic movement in Iran? Definitely not interested!

Voter fraud in Iran? Here, have some nuclear weapons.

What?!?!? Voter fraud in Afghanistan! Well whoa, wait one second there pilgrim. We just may have to pack up, head home, and let you die at the hands of the Taliban. I mean at least they were a stable government!
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