Tuesday, October 6, 2009

96% of medicare recipients are happy with their coverage,

96% of medicare recipients are happy with their coverage, the other 4% are dying and all of the others are dead!

My parents are part of the demographic that are perfectly happy with their coverage. Then again they have the Medicare Advantage plan. They, like most other people, are deluded into thinking that their Medicare Advantage plan is a government managed program. It's not. It's run by private insurance and subsidized with government funds. If these Medicare Advantage customers who are so happy with their coverage and are promoting the public plan so that others may share in their bliss they need to do a little forward thinking, and maybe even start acting defensively.

Medicare for Dummies

Too bad all that great coverage will be going away under Obamacare. Hey, it's supply and demand! If you want to let more people into the store get ready to wait in line! And if you don't have the Medicare Advantage plan and you still insist you love your medicare? Get ready to pray for some hope and to live with the change.

The War on Specialists

PAY ATTENTION! Naive people like my Mother, wonderful Grand Mother of my children, think that what Obama is going to do is to provide the same coverage that 90% of Americans enjoy through their employers to those people who can't afford it on their own. That's not what they are proposing. They are looking to turn health care on it's ear. Break it down and rebuild it.

If you like your plan you can keep it! Yeah! Unless your employer decides to drop your plan because they can save a lot of money and you have a government option you can get anyways!
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