Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama adresses 'feisty' crowd in New Orleans town hall

Nope, it's not what you think.

Addressing another conveniently gathered group of well wishers, Obama received an overwhelming reception at the University of New Orleans. He began his speech by introducing some notable attendees. First on the list was the Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal, who the crowd began to boo. Even Obama could not get the crowd to stop until what  seemed like a good deal of time went by. Watching the president trying to hush the be-loving crowd turned angry was a sight to see. Moving on the president introduced various members of his cabinet, getting the crowd back to the roaring cheers. After all, the president has had a couple of tough weeks and he had come to New Orleans to feel some love. After several arousing sets of applause, he quieted the crowd and said "you guys are a feisty crowd!".

Feisty? Yeah! If they were anyone else other than die hard, blind faith supporters the media would have characterized them as an angry mob, and since Bobby Jindal is of Indian descent, they must be racist too.

Let's see if this makes the Nightly News!

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  1. UPDATE: No questions taken? What makes it a town hall meeting?