Monday, October 19, 2009

Really? Do ya think?

To be filed under painfully obvious.

Bernanke urges US to cut budget deficit

Bernanke calls for US to `substantially reduce' budget deficits to combat global imbalances 


No kidding! Wow! Nice to know that someone is paying attention. And here is his plan.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke called Monday for the United States to whittle down its record-high budget deficits and for countries like China to get their consumers to spend more.
I dunno Ben, I know you are the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and all, but I don't think those guys on Capitol Hill and in the White House are listening. If this administrations history to date is any indication of future performance, then your comments will be classified as another idea that "needs to be looked at".

It doesn't seem that they heard your message when sent by the  hundreds of thousands of Tax Day Tea Party participants across the country. And when 2 million protesters brought your message directly to them by marching through the streets of Washington DC, they still chose to ignore the message.

This administration is like a political Lindsay Lohan. They worked hard for their new found star power, and no one is going to stop this party! Messages from millions of previously non-politically active citizens alarmed at how the Presidents ideas for "change" are shaping up won't convince him to put down the bong. Friendly chats with European contemporaries who have already been to socialism rehab can't convince the president to slow this party down. And now finally, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (essentially Obama's fiscal chauffeur) is telling the President that he really shouldn't drive down to the clubs for a while because he's concerned about how this is beginning to look.

Is there any type of intervention that will work?
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