Friday, October 30, 2009

What is she talking about?

Mrs Clinton has been bumbling her way around Pakistan for the last 3 days. To accomplish what we really don't know. It started out like there was going to be some tough talk about rooting out Al Queda, but just like her mealy mouthed, what is she talking about response to piracy back in the spring, Mrs Clinton mumbled some nonsensical 'ya knows' and strung them together like they made sense.

Clinton faces Pakistani anger at Predator attacks

When the U.S. gathers evidence that al-Qaida fugitives are hiding in Pakistan, Clinton said Friday during a Pakistani media interview, "We feel like we have to go to the government of Pakistan and say, somewhere these people have to be hidden out."
"We don't know where, and I have no information that they know where, but this is a big government. You know, it's a government on many levels. Somebody, somewhere in Pakistan must know where these people are. And we'd like to know because we view them as really at the core of the terrorist threat that threatens Pakistan, threatens Afghanistan, threatens us, threatens people all over the world," Clinton said.
Imagine me trying to use sign language as I scream "what are you saying?".

Good thing the world loves us again for the mere fact that we elected Obama, otherwise this could be a huge embarrassment.

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