Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dover AFB

In an uncharacteristic, and unprecedented display of patriotism President Obama flew to Dover AFB around midnight last night to witness the return of 18 fallen heroes. We'll probably never know if President Bush ever went on such a pilgrimage, but we do know that he never brought a press pool so that it could be a photo-op.
An 18-year ban on coverage of Dover homecomings, dating to the 1991 Gulf War and strengthened by former President George W. Bush, was relaxed this year under Obama's watch. Now, families get to decide whether cameras can document the return. Nearly two-thirds have said yes to the media and even more to coverage by Pentagon cameras.

In this case, the return of only one of the 18 was open to the media.
Yet he made sure that he got his photo-op in!

Someone should tell the president that patriotism and patronizing are not the same thing,
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