Monday, November 30, 2009

Climate Change: The New Religion

I think that Dan Brown's next book should be a thriller that unravels the mysteries, the intrigue, and the secrecy at work in the hallowed halls at the Church of Climate change.

I absolutely believe in freedom of religion. I even admire people of faith. But, when it comes to people forcing their belief system on others, and even using it to extract money, and create rules of law then I object in the strongest terms possible.

This sentiment could apply to the Christian Church of the Dark Ages, or even Islam and Sharia law, but in this instance I am specifically referring to the priests, mullahs, scientist, or whatever you want to call them at the UK's Climate Research Unit.

Global Warming With the Lid Off

Climategate may have shaken the faith of some, but there is enough blind faith to keep the true believers chanting. 

I have previously posted that I believe in global warming, just not man made global warming.

Global Warming is Real!


I mean even if you were to accept that the data they used was accurate, honest, and did in fact prove that the climate of the earth was in fact warming in the period of time for which they had data, it is still meaningless! Sorry, but when you think about how old the earth is, and how extreme the differences in climate have been, the data sample they base their conclusions on is statistically insignificant. After all, what is the correct temperature or climate for the planet? Is it the tropical climate that fostered the age of the dinosaurs? Is it the ice age that ended the rein of the dinosaurs and sent glaciers growing towards the equator? Or is it the climate in which their little minds currently exist?

Newsflash: The Globe has been warming ever since the end of the ice age!

I am fine with scientific differences of opinion, but governments are now seriously considering making laws and collecting taxes for a belief system that probably isn't even true! The president is about to travel to Copenhagen to commit our country to (pardon the phrase) god knows what, and when Congress puts the health care issue to rest they will take up a cap & tax approach to limiting carbon emissions that could put the final nail into the coffin of our economy.

If you and some like minded people can't visibly prove your beliefs, but you congregate together to profess your faith in your beliefs, then you are part of a religion. And there is nothing wrong with that.

We need to maintain the separation of church and state. Especially in this case!

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