Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad

Actually it's freak'n awesome!

It's too bad that the NY-23 saga ended up the way it did, but it's still a victory in that the administration did not get the democrat in republican clothing as they were hoping. They had this district targeted for guite awhile, and in the end they achieved their minimum goal. Someone to fall in line with Pelosi's drumbeat. It would have been better for them if that person was a republican, but oh well, you can't always get what you want.

The real sweet nectar of democratic defeats in VA and NJ was watching the administration and other democrats spin their way out of the importance or meaning of any of it. Anybody with half a brain knows that had it gone the other way it would have been trumpeted as a validation of the presidents direction and the priorities he is working on. Some how, the converse is not true.

It is important though. Spokesperson Gibbs stated that Obama was watching basketball and not the election returns. Really? Huh? Is he not smart enough to understand that with these defeats he now has many democrats in Congress whose districts or states voted for McCain getting ready to go back and face re-election in 2010? Does he not understand that it may be more difficlult for them to vote for bigger government programs like health care, and cap-and-trade? And let's not even talk about immigration reform.

Nero fiddled away as Rome burned, and Obama? Well? He got to watch some Basketball!

Obama is not the only one with his head in the sand.

How To Cover An Obama Defeat

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