Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. This year has been particularly challenging with the suffering economy and job market for myself, many I call friends, and many more I don't know. Yet, there is still much to be thankful for. Very few of us succumb to hunger or the elements, and we in this country no longer have to worry about being hunted by beast or by man. We live in the same manner of relative safety that the Pilgrims lived in before they left for the new world.

The Desolate Wilderness -WSJ

Why did the Pilgrims leave safety and comfort and risk everything, including their lives and the lives of their families? Because the society they were living in would not let them practice their faith and live their lives in the manner they wished to.

Pilgrims created a new world and when independence came they made sure that all religions would be welcome. They mandated a separation of Church and state. Now this very concept that was meant to be inclusive is now used by atheists and Muslims to persecute and tear down what was a predominately Judea-christian society.

Maybe it's cosmic karma. The Pilgrims and those who followed didn't treat the indigenous people who were here before them very well. Truth be told they eventually pushed them out. Now the invited and uninvited over running America's shores are not treating the existing society with any respect either.

What happens next? Where can some one go to participate in the type of society that made America great? The society that practiced self reliance and charity rather than socialism. What happens when you no longer feel that the society you are living in will let you practice your faith and live your life in the manner you wished to? Do new age Pilgrims explore and colonize outer space? Rebuild a society that will become the envy of the universe and once again become the place people want to flock to? or does Sharia law merely grant them 'reservations' where they are left relatively un-molested? Maybe they will let them keep their fire water, and perhaps they will even grant them the right to run Casino's.
They called it Paradise - I don't know why
You call some place Paradise - kiss it goodbye
- The Last Resort, by the Eagles
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