Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Party of 'Doh!'

Just like Disney, every 20 years the democrats take 'Snow White' out of the vault and try to sell it to the American people. To the democrats, 'Snow White' is government run health care. But, to the rest of America government run health care is the wicked witch, and the poison apple.

Like in every scary movie (Is the health-care reform horrorshow just getting started?) there are moments when you think it's safe to peek through the fingers covering your eyes.

That happened today when I surfed to an AP article that was entitled  "Hoyer: Comprehensive health bill may be no go", but within seconds was changed to "Hoyer: Hopeful, not certain, on Obama health plan". Still, it is one of the moments where the producer of the B movie slasher flick tries to make you think everything is going to be OK.
A day after Obama unveiled a sweeping health bill, the comments from the Maryland Democrat amounted to an acknowledgment of reality: in a sour political environment, majority Democrats may not have the votes.
This line from the former disapears in the latter
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said comprehensive reform would be best but it's not all or nothing.
I hope that this really is the last time we try to dress up and put lipstick on this pig, because the country needs to focus on jobs. This recovery is not going to happen until the administration drops universal health care along with cap and tax.  As soon as business knows what the cost per employee and cost per energy unit is going to be they will execute within their budgets. Make those costs too high? Well, then don't expect a lot of growth. Make them reasonable, such that business can compete on the world stage? Then you'll be a hero. Obama can be a hero without even trying.

The Choice is his. Hero or Ideologue?
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