Sunday, February 28, 2010

So much for "If you like your plan............."

Among other lies about taxation, one of the presidents main campaign rhetorical sound bites was "If you like your plan, then you can keep it". It was right up there and in your face as "Read my lips. No new taxes". Hopefully these both prove to be truly 'famous last words'.

Of course state-run-media hasn't picked up on this and it's doubtful they will point it out. In the health care summit on February 25th, the president admitted he lied about being able to keep your plan, if you like it.

Defining ObamaCare Down

One fact is that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that premiums in the individual market would jump by 10% to 13% in 2016 because the government will mandate that consumers buy richer benefits than they otherwise would. Mr. Obama eventually conceded that point but said these mandates are simple consumer protections. "Yes, I am paying 10% to 13% more because instead of buying an apple, I'm getting an orange," Mr. Obama said. "We want competition, we just want some minimum standards."
Whoop there it is........

So to paraphrase "If you like your apple, you'll have to eat this orange". Great. Thanks.

And let's face it folks. This isn't just breaking one campaign promise. It is actually breaking both major planks in his platform. Introducing these minimum requirements is the equivalent of creating a new tax. So sorry Virginia, you can't keep your plan and you will be taxed with additional costs because of government mandates.
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