Monday, February 8, 2010

One Man's Populist Can Be Another Man's Commie

This blog has high esteem for contemporary pieces written about history. This article is well written and thoughtful.

A Short History of American Populism

I think a lot what is said in the article still holds true. Real America does not like to see the lazy rewarded. Real America does want to help the down trodden pull themselves up by their boot straps. And, real America does not think that stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is an American ideal.

The current democratic party is nothing like Jackson's and Jefferson's democratic party. Hell, it's not even anything like JFK's Democratic party.

Obama the ideologue is ignoring the will of the American people. He deluded himself by thinking that his victory in his campaign for the presidency was a mandate from the people for his vision of socialism, when in fact it was merely a repudiation of tax-break and spend Republicans. Losing the Kennedy seat in Massachusetts should have nudged the president towards the will of the people but he remains determined to force his socialist vision of America on the country.

The Lost City is an excellent movie about the Cuban revolution. It reveals that communism is never really a populist movement. It's a feel good ideal forced on populations by violent liars who are more interested in control and power than they are about the people. I think one day we may look back at Obama's legacy and describe him the same way.

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