Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crash the Tea Party!

I was curious as to why I had a sudden spike in web traffic yesterday. There was a spike in visits from search engines where the user was searching for the phrase '' and ''.

Well, it was not until later that I heard the story about the web site This site is soooooo  great. It documents the attempts by the left to overtly frame the tea party movement as a bunch of whack jobs. The whack jobs they imagine people who don't agree with them to be.

And the search statistics on my site reveal the freudian slip that lefty loons hope to 'crush' the tea party rather than 'crash' it. The irony of rhetorical violence.

 Post subject: Crash the Tea Party Websites

These darlings in the Tea Party movement are quite afraid of violent rhetoric. Let us use this. We should begin to create fake accounts, and post such rhetoric and watch as they get extremely is quite funny to watch. I posted something similar (farther down the page) to this on the Tea Party patriots website and instantly stirred the hornets nest. If we want to corrupt the image of this short-lived populist movement, we should be promoting violence in the name of the movement. Post on their websites and bring the radical rhetoric to their rallies, especially on 4/15. 
Consider rhetoric like this:
The Invisible Tea Party
My proclamation is simple: the current Tea Party Movement needs more violence. There is a coming insurrection in this country towards our worthless government and this movement is the vehicle to deliver this momentous change.
Many will mock and preach out against this type of activism, the most cynical would not even call it activism, but do let the cowards fool you. Everything is about to change. Not through a ballot box, not through elected officials, not through any system man has conceived to rule himself. The change will come from the minds of the bravest TPPs and his or her methods will be considered very extreme by those who fear for his/her societal or ruling position. 
The mainstream Tea Party Movement that controls this site is afraid of posts like these and often deletes and suspends free thinkers such as ourselves. Such cowardice can not stand in such a beautiful movement 
More to follow…
The Invisible Tea Party
So do you still think that there were not plants in the D.C. protest where representatives were allegedly called the N-word? It is a right out of the Alinsky playbook tactic. "Accuse others of what you are doing".

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