Monday, April 19, 2010

A Spin Too Far

It is way too easy to poke fun at the New York Times, but today I could not help myself. The flagship state run media outlet is doing contortions to keep the idea that only looney people are unhappy with the direction of the government is staggering.

It seems like the latest co-ordinated defense seems to be, 'what are you complaining about?'. Like driving in a car with 'toonces' the cat, the fact that you have not experienced a fatal car wreck is evidence that you are in no danger.

Tea Party Supporters Doing Fine, but Angry Nonetheless
It makes sense that people would take to the streets to protest government spending and enormous deficits during the Great Recession, when they are feeling economic pain most acutely.
But the Tea Party supporters now taking to the streets aren’t the ones feeling the pain.
So clearly, until you are actually victimized, you have no right to raise concern. Really?
In the results of the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, they are better educated and wealthier than the general public. They are just as likely to be employed, and more likely to describe their economic situation as very or fairly good.
So, the logic at the grey lady goes as follows. "Even though the better educated, more intelligent, and more productive members of society are waving their arms in an attempt to ward off the advent of socialism and fascism, it is the uneducated, and unintelligent feel good progressive ideas that we should be listening to".
“It is entirely predictable,” Mr. Perlstein said. In the poll, Tea Party supporters said they want to focus on economic issues. But the widest gulfs between Tea Party supporters and others — Republicans and the public in general — are in their responses to questions about social issues, from gay marriage to abortion to immigration to global warming.
What the hell does this mean? If you dare worry about the defecit then you will forfeit your cherished socialist programs? Unlimited government or no gay marriage for you! Is that the deal?

Perhaps, the most telling evidence that these avowed critics of big government are really mourning an America of the past is in their shifting attitude toward George W. Bush. Only a short time ago, he was reviled on the right for his spendthrift ways (his Medicare expansion), his federalizing of education standards (No Child Left Behind) and his creation of a vast new government agency, Homeland Security.
At rallies, Tea Party supporters often nod to President Bush’s role in creating the deficit. Yet in the poll, 57 percent of them view Mr. Bush favorably — about the same percentage in the general population that has an unfavorable view.
In the new world led by President Obama, Mr. Bush is apparently a figure these new populists can pine for.

Can I get an 'Amen'!

The grey lady thought she was revealing some sort of hypocrisy here but what she really is reporting is the 'buyers remorse', and the the disenchantment with 'Hope and Change'.

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