Friday, April 2, 2010

What does a girl have to do to get on TV News these days?

Remember when anti war protests were all the rage? Ah yes, the good old Bush years.

But these days the press is in full agreement with the administration that it is more important to ignore protests whenever possible rather then let the public know that they are happening.

I mean just imagine if the press reported that the president was being constantly protested from the left and the right. The administration wouldn't like that so they don't.

To the administration, 'Code Pink' was a useful idiot, but really they are just an embarrassment.

Here is code pink protesting the Presidents appearance at a fund raiser for his friend Duvall Patrick Yesterday.

Watching the video it looks more like an awkward moment than a protest. The line of people waiting to get into the $500/plate dinner would have been fist pumping the air two years ago, if they had been in the presence of such an event. Now they stare at the ground, look away, or make constant use of eye contact in their now important small talk. The protest appeared more like entertainment. You know, those guys who wander around with a violin while you are waiting for the hors d'oeuvres?

I think a lot of people who watch this video with a violent Tea Party mindset will say, "Now see? That's how you conduct a protest. You sing songs. You get ignored, and you are happy for it"

Code Pinko

In the 1990s, Benjamin and other Code Pink Marxists focused their energies on organizing sometimes-violent protests against free trade across the globe, targeting large corporations with high-profile campaigns and lawsuits that cost consumers and companies like Gap, Nike and Starbucks millions of dollars. As with the anti-war protests of the moment, the Marxist World Worker’s Party website has played a crucial organizing role in their anti-corporate activities, letting would-be agitators know when and where to show up for demonstrations.
Meanwhile, other Code Pink organizers were making a name for themselves in domestic and eco-terrorism in the 1990s. Code Pink Co-Founder Jodie Evans also sits on the board of directors of Rain Forest Action Network (RAN), a radical anti-capitalist, anti-corporate coalition of environmental groups co-founded by Mike Roselle, who also founded the domestic terrorist organization Earth Liberation Front (ELF), which along with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is ranked the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat by the FBI. The FBI attributes over 600 criminal acts and $43 million in damages to the two groups since 1996. Wherever RAN pops up, you’ll also tend to find the Ruckus Society, which has trained activists for ELF/ALF. Ruckus Society organizer Steve Kretzmann, also a Code Pink coordinator, has helped train activists in the agitation tactics that have earned the Ruckus Society its reputation. The Ruckus Society, it’s also worth mentioning, is a coalition member of Benjamin’s United for Peace and Justice.

Wow? The Tea Party has nothing on them! Where is the light that should be shown on them?
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