Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally! A Real Blood for Oil War - Libya

And no one cares.

In 2003 thousands of war protesters turned out to decry a war they proclaimed was a war for oil, even though it was not.

Cities jammed in worldwide protest of war in Iraq
Demonstrators converged near the United Nations to protest the possible war in just one of the more than 600 anti-war rallies around the globe. Organizers estimated the crowd at more than 375,000, but Police Commissioner Ray Kelly estimated turnout at 100,000. 
Besides protests in large cities such as Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California; rallies were held across the United States in smaller towns such as Gainesville, Georgia; Macomb, Illinois; and Juneau, Alaska, according to the anti-war group United for Peace and Justice.
 Where are these people now? And if you go to the United for Peace website, not a mention of Libya. They do however have call to actions for Egypt though.
In New York on Saturday, a giant puppet depicting President Bush holding buckets of blood and oil towered over the cheering crowd that was pressed against police barricades near U.N. headquarters.
Even though oil had nothing to do with the U.S. going into Iraq, you just can't let the truth get in the way of a good slogan. The U.S. didn't get any more oil by going to Iraq, and we are not getting it for cheaper. That's for sure!

This time, it is all about the oil. France, UK, and Italy are addicted to the special 'light sweet' crude brand of oil that Libya produces, and it is rather rare.

West Shuns Libyan Crude
Part of the problem for markets is that Libyan oil is light and sweet—low in density and levels of sulfur—and is hard to replace. Light, sweet crude is more desirable as it yields more gasoline and easy to process.

Italy, France, China, Germany and Spain are the largest buyers of Libyan oil, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Some refineries in those nations will have to search for new sources of supply to make up for the lost Libyan crude, which could send oil prices higher in other markets.

Even if the bulk of the lost Libyan oil is made up by production in Saudi Arabia, some refineries can only process light sweet crude and have to turn to a handful of other countries for supplies, including Nigeria and Algeria, which are themselves the subject of some popular unrest.
Libya is also closely located near it's customers and so transportation cost are lower than getting it from anywhere else. So, now you know why France is leading the charge. They are not dithering around. While Anti-war Obama says we're just protecting the civilians and we are not there for regime change, France is saying it is prepared to take that Bastard Qaddafi out and end this mess now! This is Europe's war for oil and Obama is their stooge. So I ask you. where the hell is the Obama effigy with buckets of blood and oil?

What she said...

...what she meant
"are you kidding?  Syria doesn't have any oil! Dumb shit!"
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