Friday, March 18, 2011

Kiss My Hamas Part IX

In yet another comic display of 'very foreign policy' the Obama administration and the U.N. have been handling the situation in Libya like Keystone Cops. Weeks ago Obama came out and said

"we send a very clear message to the Libyan people that we will stand with them"
Encouraging the Libyan people, and emboldening them to take up arms against their oppressor of forty years. And then Obama did nothing. Abdicating the traditional leadership role the U.S. has had in global affairs, Obama made the same mistake that George H.W. Bush made when he incited Iraqi Shiites to rebel and then stood by and watched them be slaughtered in a crack down by Saddam Hussein.

Mr Obama does not understand the prime directive of leadership. "It is better to be respected than to be loved". Being a true believer of the lefts idea that America must be wrong because of their perception that the world does not like us, Mr Obama has overtly demonstrated that America has decided to be a follower on the global stage. Note to President Obama, following is not leading.

Because of all this inaction it was not until yesterday that the U.N. finally decided that a 'No-fly Zone' wast the right thing to do.

The Battle of Turtle Bay
Perhaps in some future Bob Woodward tome we'll learn why President Obama flipped late Wednesday—in a matter of hours—from skeptic of intervention in Libya to proponent of military strikes against Moammar Gadhafi's surging forces
Included in the resolution was a call for a cease fire, which was immediately rebuffed by the Libyan government.
Gadhafi and sons have understandably assumed the opposition would get no foreign help. "In 48 hours everything will be over," his son Saif al-Islam said yesterday, mocking the U.N. as his forces advanced on Benghazi. "Whatever decision is taken, it will be too late."
And then, when the Gaddafi regime learned that the response would be lead by the fighting French rather than the U.S. they backed down.

Libya Calls Ceasefire After Britain and France Vow Action ‘Soon’
Libya performed what seemed a remarkable about-face after weeks of defiance, saying it would call an “immediate ceasefire and the stoppage of all military operations” against rebels seeking the ouster of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.
And sure, why not. The rebels have already been crushed. They control only the city of Benghazi. The rest of the country is back in the control of the regime. What will the world do now that Gaddafi has claimed to have put down his guns? What will they do about the siege on Benghazi? How will France handle the reality that they are still cut off from the special brand of Libyan crude that they have become addicted to?

What a mess. Thank you Mr. President.
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